Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aav, Evald

Evald Aav(1900-1939), Estonian composer, he studied at the Tallinn Conservatory, then conducted choir and orchestra in Tallinn. He composed the first Estonian opera "Vikerlased(Viking)", he modeled his style of composition after Tchaikovsky.

Abelardo, Nicanor Sta. Ana

  Nicanor Sta. Ana Abelardo(1893-1934), Pilipino composer, he studied at the University of Philippines-Conservatory of Music, then later appointed as the head of composition department there. He composed over 100 of Kundiman songs, bringing the genre to the art-song status.

Abendroth, Hermann

Hermann Abendroth (1883-1956), German conductor, he conducted in Munich, Lubeck, Essen, Berlin State Opera, and Gewandhaus Orchestra of Leipzig, appointed as music director of Cologne Conservatory.

Aberle, John

John Aberle(1846-1930), Italian composer, he studied at the Naples Conservatory, held the director of Opera for five years in Naples, traveled to Latin America, settled in El Salvador, established the School of Music, he composed the national anthem of El Salvador. He composed chamber music and made opera transpositions of passages for piano.

Abos, Girolamo

Girolamo Abos (1715-1760), Maltese-Italian composer of operas and church music. He was born in Malta, then studied in Naples. In 1756, he became Maestro al Cembalo at the Italian Theater in London. In 1758 he returned to Italy and taught at the Conservatorio della Pieta de Turchini in Naples. He wrote 14 operas and good deal of church music.His operas received great successes in Naples, Rome and London.

Ackte, Aino

Aino Ackte(1876-1944), Finnish soprano, daughter of Lorenz Nikolai Achte, baritone and conductor and Emmy Achte, soprano. She studied with her mother first, then with Duverney in Paris, debut in Paris Opera, thereafter sang in London, and NY Met. She had a voice of purity and power. She was the director of Finnish National Opera, 1938.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adam, Adolphe

Adolphe Adam (1803-1856), French composer, he studied at the Paris Conservatory, won 2nd prize in the Prix de Rome, he was professor at the Paris Conservatory until his death. He composed over 50 comic operas and ballet music, the Ballet "Giselle" is the most popular among his works.

Agapkin, Vasily

Vasily Agapkin (1884-1964), Russian military orchestra conductor, composer and author of the well-known march "Farewell of Slavinka". He studied at the Tambov Musical School and later served in the army, and became a functionary of the NKVD and was the leader of the NKVD' orchestra.

Aguirre, Antonio

Antonio Tomas Julian Aguirre (1868-1924), Argentina composer, studied at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid, later in Paris. Returned to Argentina, taught at his home town, in 1916 he founded the Escuela Argentine de Musica. His music was influenced by the Spanish musical nationalism of the late 19th century.

Ahmed, Zakaria

Zakaria Ahmed, Egyptian musician

Ahn, Eak-tai

Eak-tai Ahn (1906-1965), Korean composer and conductor, he conducted numerous major orchestras across Europe. He studied at the Kunitachi Music School in Japan, at the University of Cincinnati, and Curtis Institute, also studied in Vienna and Hungary. He composed the national anthem of South Korea.

Aivazian, Artemy

Artemy Aivazian (1902-1975), Armenian composer, cello player. In 1938 he organized the national variety orchestra and became its art manager. He was the initiator of national variety music. He could combine some directions of variety music jazz with the rhythm and intonations of Armenian melody.

Akutagawa, Yasushi

Yasushi Akutagawa (1925-1989), Japanese composer and conductor, he studied at the Tokyo Conservatory of Music, he was one of the members of "sannin no kai". He went to Soviet Union and met Shostakovich, Khachaturian and Kabalevsky. His works were influenced by Stravinsky, Shostakovich, and Prokofiev. As an educator, he devoted himself to train an amateur orchestra. He and The New Symphony Orchestra are the recipient of the 1976 Suntory Music Award.

Alain, Jehan

Jehan Alain(1911-1940), French organist and composer, studied at the Paris Conservatory and achieved First Prize in Harmony and First Prize in Fugue. He studied organ with Marcel Dupre, under whose direction he took first prize for Organ and Improvisation in 1939. He was appointed organist of Saint-Nicholas de Maisons Lafitte in Paris in 1935, he also played organ regularly at the Rue Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth synagogue . He wrote choral music chamber music, songs and three volumes of piano music.

Alarie, Pierrette

Pierrette Alarie (1921 - ), Canadian soprano and teacher, she made her acting debut at the age of 14 then began to sing regularly for the Montreal operetta company, she studied at Curtis Institute, won the "Metropolitan Auditions of the Air", made Metropolitan Opera debut in 1945. She sang in Paris, London, Vienna and Canada.

Albani, Emma

Dame Emma Albani (1847-1930), Canadian soprano, a leading soprano of the 19th century and early 20th century, and the first Canadian singer to become an international star. she studied in Montreal, Paris and Italy and performed operas across Europe and North America for audiences as prestigious as Queen Victoria, Kaiser Welhelm I and Tsar Alexander II.

Albeniz, Isaac

Isaac(Manuel Francisco) Albeniz(1860-1909), Spanish pianist and composer, studied st the Madrid Conservatory, later studied at Brussels and won prize there in 1879. He gave concerts throughout Europe, later studied composition in Paris with Dukas and Vincent D'Indy. His best-known works are for piano and often invoke Spanish scenes through the use of melodic and rhythmic gestures drived from Spanish folklore. He composed 4 operas, orchestral works, one piano concerto, and piano music(sonatas).

Alberdi, Juan Bautista

Juan Bautista Alberdi(1810-1884), Argentina statesman and musician, known as the Father of the Argentine Constitution. An accomplished amateur pianist and composer, he wrote such delicado minuets as La Ausencia, Figarillo, and the Waltz La Condoross. In 1857 he founded the first musical journal in Latin America-Boletin Musical.

Alberti, Leon Battista

Leon Battista Alberti(1404-1479), Italian architect, poet, painter and musician, he was an organist of his days, active in Rome.

Albinoni, Tomaso Giovanni

Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni(1671-1751), Italian Baroque composer. While famous in his days as an opera composer, he simply remembered today for his instrumental music. He studied violin and singing, he composed 81 operas and various instrumental music, notably concertos and string music. some of which are still regularly performed.

Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg

Johann Georg Albrechtsberger(1736-1809), German organist, theorist and profilic composer. He studied organ in Vienna, he was employed as organist at Raab in 1775, at Maria Taferl, and at Melk. In 1971 be became assistant Kapellmeister at St. Stephen's in Vienna; in 1793 he became the Kapellmeister there. He is best known as Beethoven's teacher. His compositions include: 300 sacred music, 450 instrument pieces - symphonies, chamber music etc.

Alcaide, Tomas

Tomas Aquinas Alcaide (1901-1967), The Portuguese greatest tenor of all time, he abandoned his studies in medicine to devoted himself to music and the musical life. In 1925 he moved to Milan, Italy, made his debut on December 5th in the role of Mignon, and then performed in at the La Scala in Milan. He sang in London, Switzerland, Salzburg, Lisbon, South America etc. In 1948 he retired from singing and returned to Portugal, working with Companhia Portuguesa de Opera.

Aldea-Teodorovici, Doina & Ion

Doina Aldea-Teodorovich(1958-1992) and Ion Aldea-Teodorovich(1954-1992), musicians from the Republic of Moldova.
Ion was born in Romania, his love for music manifested early, was cultivated by parents. He entered at the School of Music Eugene Coca, where he studied saxophone  and graduated in 1973.

Aleksandroskaya, Larisa

Larisa Pompeevna Aleksandrovskaya(1904-1980), A Belarussian singer, studied at the Belarussian musical technical school and Studio of Opera and Ballet. Her wide range of voice allowed her to perform both soprano and mezzo-soprano. She was awarded the National Artist of the USSR(1940).

Alessandrescu, Alfred

Alfred Alessandrescu(1893-1959), Romanian composer, conductor, pianist and musicologist, studied at the Conservatory of Bucharest, Schola Contorum, and Paul Vidal Conservatory in Paris. He conducted Phiha. Orchestra, and Romanian Orchestra in Bucharest and Romanian Opera. He taught at the Music Academy of Bucharest. He composed symphonic poems, orchestral music and songs.

Alexandrov, Alexander

Alexander Vasilevich Alexandrov(1883-1946), Russian composer and conductor, studied at the St. Petersburg Conservatory and Moscow Conservatory. In 1929 he founded the Soviet Army Song and Dance Ensemble, which achieved international acclaim. He composed choral music and arrangements of folk songs, in 1944 his "Hymn of the Bolshevik Party" with a new text, became the Soviet national anthem.

Alfano, Franco

Franco Alfano(1877-1954), Italian composer, Studied at Naples Conservatory, and then at Leipzig; from 1916 taught at the Liceo musicale, Bologna; 1918-23 served as director there; 1923-39, director of Turin Conservatory; 1940-42, taught at Palermo; 1947-50, taught at Liceo musicale, Pesoro. He composed operas, ballet music and 3 symphonies. He is best known for completing Puccini's "Turan


Al-Farabi(c. 872-951), known as Alpharabius, a renowned scientist and philasopher of the Islamic Golden Age. He was also a cosmologist, logician and musician.

Alfanso X of Castile

Alfonso X(1221-1284), A Castilian monarch who rules as the King of Castile, Leon and Galicia from 1252 until his death. He commissioned or co-authored numerious works of music during his reign. These works were written in Galician-Portuguese and figures among the most important of his works.

Alfven, Hugo

Hugo Alfven(1872-1960), Swedish composer, violinist and conductor, studied in Stockholm Conservatory and also pursued private study of violin, he was violinist at the Royal Opera Orchestra, then served as director of music at the Uppsla University. he composed 5 symphonies, ballet music, operas, and orchestral music.

Aliabiev, Alexander

Alexander Aliabiev (1787-1851), Russian composer, studied music in Moscow. He lived in various places, finally settled in Moscow. He wrote operas, ballet music, symphonies, string quartets, and 100 songs. His style was generally lyrical, graceful, and reminiscent of Early Schubert.

Almqvist, Carl Jonas Love

Carl Jonas Love Almqvist(1793-1866), Swedish romantic poet, early feminist, realist, composer, and social critic. He composed songs.

Alonso, Alicia

Alicia Alonso(1920- ), a leading Cuban ballerina and choreographer, trained at the School of American Ballet in New York, continued to study in London, returning to Cuba and founded "the Alicia Alonso Ballet Company", eventually became the "the Ballet Nacional de Cuba". She toured the world as the principle ballerina during 1950's.

Alonso, Francisco

Francisco Alonso(Lopez)(1887-1948), Spanish composer, studied music in his home town(Granada), became choir director of the orchestra of Philharmonic Society. He joined the Corps of military bands, but left to theater activities which grew with success in zarzuela as a successful zarzuela composer. His music is funny, cheerful, easy melody and popular accent. He composed 14 zarzuelas(Spanish opera), and 18 musicals.

Alva, Felipe

Felipe Pinglo Alva(1899-1936), Peruvian poet, songwriter. In Peru and Latin America, his name is most often associated with the Peruvian vals criollo, which is uniquely Peruvian music. During his lifetime, he was known as a "Bohemian", sickly and frail, and walking with a slight limp. A naturally talent musician. He composed about 300 songs, many of them lost forever or surviving in fragments only.

Alva, Luis

Luis Alva (Talledo) (1927- ), Real name Luis Ernesto Alva Talledo, but known as Luis Alva, a Peruvian tenor, studied at the Colegio de La Scala, sang zarzuela, then sang operas in London and Vienna State Opera. He specialized in Rossini and operas of the eighteenth century.

Amaradeva, W. D.

W. D. Amaradeva (1927 - ), Sri Lankan vocalist and composer, he primarily uses traditional instruments like sitars, tablas and harmoniums. he incorporates Sinhala folk music with Indian ragas in his works. He has been recipients of numerous awards from Sri Lanka, Philippines, India. He has also represented Sri Lanka in many forums. He composed the melody for the Maldives national anthem.

Amati, Niccolo

Niccolo Amati(1596-1684), Italian luthier from Cremona, Niccolo Amati was the fifth grandson of Girolamo Amati and the grandson of Andrea Amati-the founder of the Amati Family of violin makers.

Amaya, Carmen

Carmen Amaya(1913-1963), Spanish flamingo dancer and singer, she made her debut in Paris, moved to US and did acting and dance in several films.

Anckerman, Jorge

Jorge Ankerman (1871-1941), Cuban composer, pianist and bandleader, studied music with his father, then went to Mexico as music director of Bufo company, toured Mexico states and California, returned to Cuba and served as music director of leading theaters.

Anders, Hins

A painting by Zorn Anders, titled "Hins Anders"-an Old man playing Fiddle.

Anderson, Marian

Marian Anderson(1897-1993), American contralto, studied voice in Philadelphia, New York and Europe, made her debut recital at Town Hall in New York in 1924, made her opera debut at Mets in 1955. She sang in the Easter Concert at Lincoln Center, attended by 75,000 people and broadcast nationaly.